Crisis management

11 steps


1000 CZK/month
Applied at least at 12 companies.

The Crisis Management knowledge line is a guide on how to practically manage a crisis in a company. As soon as you realize that you have lost customers or you are in the „red numbers“. You will learn how to stop the spread of the crisis, put together a crisis team, work with employees so that they too can handle the crisis and the company can prosper again. You will focus on protecting know-how and also how to learn from the crisis and prevent a new or different crisis. If you already have a crisis situation and you cannot wait 7 days for the next step, please contact the author and he (assuming you will study the line further) will send you a description of the line in pdf.

The knowledge has been compiled into a row of successive steps that look very much like Post Its. You can click on each one to learn more. Reading a step will take you a maximum of 5 minutes. Once you have finished the reading, click on the READ THROUGH button. A seven-day period of time begins to expire for you to apply the knowledge gained in practice. Then click on ANSWER THE QUESTION and check off the answer or write it down. Some answers will be checked by the auditor on line. If your answer is correct, you just fill the MY ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE with whatever experience you have gained in practice. Subsequently, proceed into the next step. If you want to ask the author any question, click on the QUESTION TO ADVISOR button and they will be happy to assist you.

Ing. Jiří Střelec

The author solved with crisis situations related to the loss of customers, pandemics, inefficient management of the company, etc. He has 25+ practice in management, communication.

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